Who are we?

  • UKs biggest wedding photo booth brand
  • Award winning company - including the prestigious British Wedding Award (twice)
  • Large following with over 20,000 Facebook fans

Giggle Booth was formed in late 2009 by David and Mark Gillard. Originally part time venture in a quirky industry the business quickly took off before the year was out 3 booths were operating. Our team were creating fun experiences around the industry 

A number of unique features that were created in the early days of Giggle Booth still exist today. This includes our focus on being the UK's only specialist wedding photo booth provider, having a number of personalisation options and operating the best technology available to create an experience that guests remember.  

With a head office in London, a central bookings and support centre in Hampshire, and a growing network with 15 successful franchises currently trading since 2012 we're well placed to help you build a business you can love and profit from.

Why weddings?

  • 250,000 weddings in England and Wales each year
  • £10 billion spend each yea
  • Over 56% now hire photo booths for weddings (growing each year)

Giggle Booth are the only photo booth company in the UK to focus solely on the wedding market.  

In the UK each year there are over 250,000 weddings spending a combined £10 billion each year.  

By positioning ourself exclusively in this area we have been able to develop a business model that delivers superb results for our clients, whilst supporting our franchisees with fantastic profit margins.  

This allows us to tailor our marketing and messaging perfectly to our audience, as well as developing key partnerships in the wedding industry and wedding media that our competitors could only dream of.  

Naturally this also gives us remarkable credibility with our target market where 'word of mouth' is so powerful.

Market leaders!

  • Most followed photo booth company in the UK - with biggest market share for weddings
  • Relationships with all main wedding media and brands 
  • Most trusted brand 

Giggle Booth are now the UKs only specialist wedding photo booth provider, and one of the countries largest operators of photo booth hire services.  

In the last 12 months we delivered our services to nearly 2,000 weddings.  

Giggle Booth operate equipment exclusively developed by our in-house team, giving us a huge edge over the competition who all largely use exactly the same equipment, this allows us not only to deliver enhanced experiences but also to charge appropriately.  

Alongside this we have a refined event delivery process having invested heavily in our systems and processes to make running the business easy.  

We have an extremely large marketing spend each year which consistently delivers customers to book with us via our national booking service; and a fantastic training and support service for our franchisees allowing them to learn how to easily market themselves too.  

Every 6 months we conduct a large survey across the wedding market to ensure we are offering what our customers want, and to ensure we are always ahead of the curve. This is further supported by our exclusive relationships with suppliers in other countries including the USA and Australia where there photo booth industries are more established and allow us to review trading patterns to predict the future and developments in our own industry.

The Opportunity

  • There are bookings already waiting for you! 
  • Typical franchise can produce an average income of £52,000 per year from just 2 events per week
  • Profit margin of approximately £237 per event

As a Giggle Booth franchisee you get the benefit of all the work we have put in to create a trusted, market leading brand. 

We'll show you exactly how we do things in easy to follow steps making running your business effortless.

Most of the bookings will take place at the weekends, and with 1 booth you should aim to be out at least Friday and Saturday each week (2 events) - to produce an income of around £52,000 per year. 

We already know this works in you area, as we do things differently! 

We've already secured bookings for you, which will be provided to you when you start your business.

This should be in the region of £10,000 worth of secured advance bookings.

Once you get started we'll fire-up our marketing efforts, and train you in our formula for marketing your business - with our combined effort you should be aiming to achieve a turnover of at least £40,000 in the first 18 months. 

This should be scaleable to a comfortable £52,000 per year (just 2 events per week) quite quickly. 

Our national marketing will work for you 7 days a week delivering you new bookings, and with your local efforts - you'll be able to secure as many bookings as you want to.

This area is currently served by our head office whilst we appoint a new franchisee.

Meet Some Our Current Franchisees...

Justine - Giggle Booth Hampshire Since 2012  

  • Profit margin of approximately £237 per event 
  • Attends over 100 events per year
  • Built a team and added booths to increase income

Ian & Laura - Giggle Booth Kent Since 2015  

  • Generates average 15 new bookings themselves each month 
  • Attends over 125 events per year
  • Have a team who host all events for them now

Peter & Jill - Giggle Booth Essex Since 2016  

  • Peter quit his full time job within 6 months 
  • Attended nearly 100 events in first 6 months
  • Has become a great lifestyle business for them - more family time, and work fits around the family

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